The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

The Grinch That Stole Sheila

There once was a Sheila aglow with her light.
She'd woo me and charm me deep into the night.
She'd launch me and send me -- lift me up to the sky.
Past the birds, the clouds, the how and the why!

She'd lift me so high that the highs all seemed low.
Even higher and higher than I thought I could go.
And the higher I got, the lower the low.
Hard to imagine ever being so far down below.

So far down below, amid the grass and the soil,
The worms and the ants, the dirt and the toil!
My feet on the ground, my head at an angle,
And then came Sheila, my jingle, my jangle!

My tingle, my twirl, my spin and my sparkle.
My music, my lyric, my Simon and Garfunkel!
My lyric, my poem, my full moon, my sun.
My Sheila, couldn't you tell that you were the one?

And then came the Grinch, all evil and knowing.
Unearthing with ease all those seeds I'd been sowing.
Perhaps it was he who looked on with a smile,
Knowing it was over -- knowing all the damn while.

For he had such grand plans, did so that mean Grinch.
And with the snap of his finger it was done in a pinch.
That Sheila was gone with the air in the breeze.
And that evil Grinch did it with oh so much ease.

And he smiled and laughed and grinned through his tease.
And snarled and watched as Todd fell to his knees.
"Come, now," he said, "you should have known better,
Than to think at all you had a chance to even get her!"

And he laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed,
And laughed some more, till he could no more!
And poor Todd, how sad, how lower than low,
Little did he know that this was the way it would go.

On his back on the ground amid the frost and the snow,
Not showing his face, facing nothing to show,
Todd dreams of a Sheila from way long ago,
A Sheila he never really got the chance to even know....

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