The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

Sheila in the Desert Sun

Sheila in the desert sun.
Sheila, the oh-so special one.
Are you with me now in the dry desert heat?
Are you the sun in my eyes and a glare that's complete?

If you're blinding and flaring yet still drawing my gaze,
Will you be gentle and caring and grace me with more daze?
Or is your shine more a shield to keep me far and at bay?
I'm not afraid, I'll stare right at you. My eyes will be okay.

They'll see through the burning and focus in on what's true.
And through the whiteness and brightness they'll focus in on you.
So shine on, dear Sheila, I'll just bathe in your light.
And when you set in the evening
I'll let you guide me through the night....

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