The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

Sheila Hale-Bopp

Streaking through the evening sky,
Streaking fast, streaking by.
Bright yet faint, but plain to see --
Sheila Hale-Bopp, can you see me?

I'm way down here, somewhere in view,
In the cluster of specs that you see, too.
Standing in place, staring up at the sky,
Watching you, Sheila Hale-Bopp, pass on by.

Sheila Hale-Bopp, take a spin around me,
My gravity's strong and plain to see.
I'll pull you close and hold you tight,
And give new meaning to "Deep in the night."

I'll spin you 'round and brighten your glow,
The only mystery now is what you don't yet know.
The show's down here -- not up where you are.
But what the hell can happen while you're so far?

There's not much time -- soon you'll be gone.
Two ships passing in the night, flying on.
But don't go yet -- shine on a little longer.
It's hard, Sheila Hale-Bopp, to imagine anything stronger....

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