The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

Contemptuous Sheila

Contemptuous Sheila, as mean as can be
Seeing it all as if all could and should see
Seeing it all for far more than it is
Seeing is seeing but seeing nothing it is

Contemptuous Sheila, your checklist runs deep
Looking for "no" is a slope way too steep
But you know what's best, you know what's right
You know you'll never be lonely at night

Contemptuous Sheila, tomorrow is another day
Another day to find things going your way
Another day to stay young, pretty and cool
Who is it really you're trying to fool?

Contemptuous Sheila, how rude, how cruel
Contemptuous Sheila, contemptuous fool
Take a look in the mirror, a vixen elixir
Lookin' so darn good--better take a picture

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