The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

Cerulean Sheila

Cerulean Sheila, eyes of blue,
Cerulean Sheila, through and through.

Catching your eye one cold rainy day,
Saying nothing at all but with everything to say.

A glimpse of your soul with one pure friendly smile,
A piece of the puzzle -- some precious, ancient tile.

Locked in a glance -- a lock and a key,
Just what did you see when you were looking at me?

Cerulean Sheila, I saw skies of deep blue --
Endless and forever, like my vision of you.

Cerulean Sheila, was this all meant to be?
Random encounters our Fate -- our destiny?

Cerulean Sheila, are you destined for me?
It's all right there just waiting for us to see.

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