The Sheila Chronicles, by Todd X    

Bedtime Sheila

Bedtime Sheila, all over my head,
All over my eyes, all over my bed.
Lying awake with no chance of sleep
Into the depths beyond way too deep.

Into my dreams, asleep or awake--
As real as can be, impossible to fake.
As real as it is, too good to be true--
Too true to be real--too real will do.

Bedtime Sheila, the stage is set--
Rapid eye movement? No, not yet.
Let's lie here awake, wherever we are--
Let's lie here awake and let near be the far.

It's morning now--the sun in my face--
But you're still here all over the place,
All over my eyes, all over my head--
Thinking about the very last thing you said.

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